We help leaders build brighter futures.
Our tailored coaching and consulting offerings — based on our lead brighter methodology — are designed to help you meet your moment with boldness, creativity, and courage. Everything we do is to support you and your team to achieve your goals, while also upleveling your skills.

What do you want to do?

Prepare to lead brighter

Connect to your calling to imagine the brighter future you can create, then develop your leadership approach to make it real.

Develop your leadership narrative and approach

Over a few collaborative sessions, we work with you 1:1 to write your Leadership Calling Story, identifying the unique contribution only you can make through your leadership.

Through this work, we’ll:
  • Tap into your leadership calling in this moment
  • Develop a clear ambition for the brighter future you want to create
  • Write a succinct story that outlines what you want to do with your leadership and that you can use to invite others inside and outside your organization to join you in your efforts
  • Develop a tangible, action-oriented plan for how you’ll lead others to make your brighter future real
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Our clients say:
“Working with Tournesol to write my Leadership Calling Story made a profound impact on how I view my leadership. In a time when leaders are languishing and fatigued from their day-to-day, I am thriving now, because I can recenter my connection to my work and always come back to my ‘why.’"
          — Chief Partnerships Officer, Fortune 500 Company

Reconnect and reinspire your team

Working with you and your team, we co-create your team’s Shared Leadership Calling Story, making tangible the impact the team wants to create together, the team they want to become, and the actions they need to take to make it all possible.

Through this work, we’ll:
Unite, embolden, and connect your team
Inspire the team — individually and collectively to push toward its next
level of potential
Enable you and your team to elevate and achieve your elevated impact
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Our clients say:
“Our leadership team needed to reenergize and refocus to elevate performance and reconnect to the joy of working together. Tournesol helped us capture our shared aspiration for the team we wanted to become, and take some first steps to get us moving in that direction. We reached a new level of connection, commitment, and alignment.”
          — Chief Human Resources Officer, Fortune 100 Company

Make the transition from founder to new CEO

One of a company’s most significant moments is when a founder steps back and a new CEO steps in. We walk alongside you to orchestrate every aspect of this complex transition.

Through this work, we’ll:
Prepare the founder and incoming CEO for their new roles
Support the announcement
Partner with the new CEO in the first 6-12 months to get off to a good start and ensure the long-term success of the transition
Build the confidence and capabilities to drive higher and sustained levels of performance and impact for generations to come
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Step into your new CEO or C-suite role

There’s no one way to be CEO (or any other C-suite role): there’s only the way that’s authentic to you. Using a holistic approach, we partner with you every step of the way so you make the transition into your new role successfully.

Through this work, we’ll:
Prepare you to lead in your new role
Create a healthy leadership culture with your Board, top team, and external influencers
Design your path to move the organization forward
Engage others so they’re excited about this new chapter
Help you generate the momentum you need to get off to a strong start
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Our clients say:
“When making the transition to a new role or company, Tournesol’s structured approach is incredibly effective and helpful.  The leadership plan we developed together gave me a level of mental clarity that was energizing. And, this plan will have a long-lasting impact because it’s designed to be iterative, stay current, and drive strong alignment across my entire team.”
          — Chief Human Resources Officer, Fortune 1000 Company

Declare your destination

Assemble the right team of leaders, declare the future you’ll create together, then design a Future-back Plan to get there.

Set a new vision or direction 

Together, we’ll design and deliver an inspiring set of experiences to help you or your team declare the brighter future you wish to create to accelerate your team’s or company’s growth and impact.

Through this work, we’ll:
Visualize the brighter future you can create
Identify the single, bold measurable goal you’ll use to measure your collective progress toward reaching it
Inspire and unite your team behind this shared ambition
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Our clients say:
“Coming into a new role, I wanted to set the stage for how I would lead our next chapter. Tournesol gave me the space and tools to help me do the deep thinking to imagine our organization’s future and define a 10-year goal — and readied me as a leader to guide my team in developing the plan to achieve it.”
          — CEO, National Healthcare Foundation

Create a strategic plan

We’ll design and host a series of collaborative experiences for you and your team to develop a Future-back Plan.

Through this work, we’ll:
Deliver a multi-horizon, outcomes-oriented roadmap outlining the new offerings, experiences, business models, and capabilities you’ll need to invent the brighter future you imagine
Identify and prioritize the actions and investments needed to navigate toward your bold ambition
Unify your team with an all-in commitment to lead together from here
Our clients say:
“Tournesol won our trust. They empowered me, our CEO, and our whole leadership team to set a bold agenda that was more ambitious than we could ever have imagined on our own, and gave us the tools to reach it.”
          — Chief Information Officer, Fortune 100 Company
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Design and facilitate strategic sessions and offsites

We’ll work with you to design and deliver the right offsite, retreat, or other virtual or face-to-face gathering that allows you and your leaders to coalesce around the brighter future you want to create together and the strategy you’ll leverage to bring it to life.

Through this work, we’ll:
Help your team recommit to the reasons they are doing this work, make decisions, and commit to actions
Foster greater human connection across the team
Create space for your team to be their boldest selves
Build collective capabilities needed for the journey ahead
Prepare your team to take action together
Unify your team with an all-in commitment to lead together from here
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Transform your organization

To truly reposition your team or company, you must be all-in to take the multi-phased journey of transformation. We bring our range of capabilities to support you as you lead through each step of the journey.

Through this work, we’ll:
Collaboratively imagine the future you want to create
Engage your leaders to develop a future-back plan to get there
Align and energize everyone in your organization to join the effort
Build the right infrastructure, culture, and capabilities to make your future real
Launch the company’s new chapter of growth and success
Amplify your influence in your industry and beyond
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Empower your people

Inspire and recruit courageous, dedicated people with talent and enthusiasm and unleash their shared passion and purpose.

Design gatherings to inspire and align your people

Whether it’s an offsite, retreat, summit, Town Hall, all-team meeting or other virtual or face-to-face gathering, we’ll work with you to design and deliver the right experience or program to align, energize, and bring your leaders, team, and organization fully into your effort of creating your brighter future.

Through this work, we’ll:
Inspire and align your team with your vision
Help your team recommit to the reasons they are doing this work, make decisions, and commit to actions
Foster greater human connection across the team
Create space for your team to be their boldest selves
Build collective capabilities needed for the journey ahead
Prepare your team to take action together
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Engage your people to drive your plan forward

Ranging from bold, external announcements that launch your effort and attract people to your cause to companywide innovation challenges, we partner with you to design and deliver integrated, cut-through Activation Programs.

Through this work, we’ll:
Identify and activate the right community of action-oriented changemakers you’ll need to bring your brighter future to life
Provide opportunities for meaningful action, not just “engagement”
Unleash the potential of people to invent the breakthroughs needed to achieve your bold goals
A client story
Together with one of our Fortune 100 clients, we designed an innovation challenge to unlock the passion and experience of their people. Individuals and teams from across the organization submitted nearly 3,000 ideas and the most promising were workshopped in a multi-day accelerator program. Soon after, the company launched the top three transformational ideas, helping to power the company towards its brighter future.
Our clients say:
“You inspired and engaged our organization’s people in ways never done before. It forever shifted the way they think and behave— which is really hard to do.”
          — Chief Communications Officer, Fortune 100 Company

Make your future real

Create the right environment, infrastructure, culture, and momentum to do the work and generate impact fast.

Launch strategic initiatives

We organize and run a series of tailored, structured work sessions for you and your team to support you as you kickstart a critical strategic initiative, inspiring and equipping your team to work together in the right ways to make it happen.

Through this work, we’ll:
Build the trust, connection, and skills among your team to lead together
Help you and your team define your bold goal and future-back plan to achieve it
Name the network you’ll tap into make it happen
Identify the methods you’ll use to drive progress fast
Create the rituals to help you learn and adjust to stay on track
A client story:
In partnership with an organization’s leaders, we launched a critical strategic initiative, defining the brighter future they wanted to create and the bold goals to achieve it. Together, we planned toward key milestones and identified the talent they would need to succeed. The work was so effective at building team trust and permission to act boldly that the methodology was used to kick off all new key initiatives.
Our clients say:
“The process was outstanding. We wouldn’t have gotten where we did without you. You helped us think big AND be practical on how we’d operationalize it. You added tons and tons of value.”
          — Executive Vice President, Fortune 100 Company

Accelerate progress against your plan

To accelerate toward your future, we work with you to run Team Challenges, a new approach to cross-enterprise teaming that gives groups the flexibility and resources they need to address bold, ambitious challenges fast.

Through this work, we’ll:
Break down bold goals into smaller, manageable milestones
Choose a specific milestone to focus on and guide a defined team as they work to achieve it by the end date
Deliver quick wins, accelerate learning, and increase momentum
Build the human connection, skills, behaviors, and practices needed to power ahead
A client story:
Aiming to deliver results fast, we partnered with a Fortune 500 company to launch Team Challenges, which broke down a bold goal into manageable chunks and interim outcomes. Cross-enterprise teams worked to achieve each outcome in a twelve-week timeframe. With the right tools, information, and resources in place, each team successfully delivered its outcomes and, together, they established a new way for the company to tackle future bold goals.
Our clients say:
“The challenge framework was a really great way to break down projects, build relationships, develop a shared vision and learn how to work together on increasingly difficult areas. The team’s results are already having a real impact across the company.”
          — Senior Vice President, Fortune 500 company

Stay on track to deliver your goals

We work with you to design and build the capability to lead regular Learn-and-Adjust Sessions with your team, allowing you to assess progress against your plan and make decisions on the actions you’ll take to ensure you stay on track to achieve them.

Through this work, we’ll:
Create the right leadership ritual, conversation, infrastructure, and tools to help you assess progress, work through challenges, and make decisions productively
Develop your team’s capability to go after bold outcomes and be agile to make the changes needed to stay on course and unlock the solutions that ultimately drive success
Build your team’s confidence and connection by working together in new ways
A client story:
To achieve bold goals in an ambitious time frame, we worked with a leadership team to introduce Learn-and-Adjust practices. Instead of “hindsighting” at the end of the effort, these practices allowed the team to look forward towards their goal, assess progress and opportunities, and make decisions to adjust their plans real time. By using this approach, the team was able to act more boldly, stay focused on top priorities, and achieve more than they believed possible.
Our clients say:
“The work was high-value, and we got what we hoped for and more. We feel like 1 team. Everyone comes prepared to talk about what we need to solve together. We’re nimble and flexible, learning and adjusting all the time. It’s just who we are now.”
          — Vice President, Fortune 100 Company

Your brighter future starts now.

Whatever moment you’re in, leading brighter can help you tackle your greatest challenges to make lasting positive change and impact.
Our CEO relied on Tournesol’s team in every capacity. No matter where we were in our process, Tournesol offered just the right skills to perfectly complement what we needed.”
— Consultant and Coach to CEO
Fortune 100 Company

How can we help you?

Like the radiance you feel seeing hundreds of sunflowers turned toward the sun (the literal meaning of “tournesol”), our purpose is to help leaders turn toward a brighter future and advance humanity for generations to come.

When you’re ready to lead brighter, connect with us to explore what’s possible.

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