The Unfolding Path:
A Way to Live and Lead in Our Times

By Alicia Hare, Ph.D.

Each of us has within the power to lead others toward a brighter future — one filled with more shared prosperity, connection, discovery, equality, and joy.

The Unfolding Path invites leaders to explore what it takes to step up and lead others to this new future.

In this seven-book set, you’ll:

With introspection and insight, The Unfolding Path unveils a new paradigm for living and leading in our times — for anyone who wants to lead others toward a brighter future.

Book 1, My Story, chronicles how Alicia Hare’s personal story led her to find a new way to lead.
Book 2, Fear, explores the roots of fear and what it means to find courage in your personal and professional life.
Book 3, Choice, awakens leaders to the choices they can make to bring a brighter future to life.
Book 4, Purpose, helps leaders define the unique contribution they can make to the world.
Book 5, Brighter Future, challenges leaders to see their job as creating brighter futures — and helps them begin to imagine the brighter future they want to create.
Book 6, The Path, shows leaders how to chart a path through uncertainty.
Book 7, Your Story, puts all the pieces together to help leaders reach their full life and leadership potential.

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Alicia’s vulnerability allowed me to connect to the content and apply it to my life in deep ways. This is a point of view that needs to be heard.”
— Lybra Clemons
Chief Diversity Officer, Twilio
Every leader needs to dig deep to find their purpose or find a way to amplify their organization's existing purpose with their own values or vision. This book helps leaders discover the brighter future they are meant to create and chart a path to fruition while bringing other leaders along.”
— Richard Tait
At the time of a major career change, The Unfolding Path helped me think through my fear, my choices, my purpose and look for a brighter future. The books spoke to me very personally and allowed me to find myself, live fully with courage, and move forward with confidence on my own unfolding path.”
— Jenny Ming
Board of Directors Member and Former CEO
We live in a time of unprecedented change — with a major shift happening in virtually every aspect of our society…
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About the author

Alicia Hare, Ph.D, is the founder and CEO of Tournesol, a leadership consulting firm that partners with CEOs, senior leaders,, and their teams in times of significant change, using a unique approach called lead brighter. When leaders choose to lead brighter, they harness their platform — people, power, influence, and money — to create a brighter future, one filled with shared prosperity, equality, connection, discovery, beauty, and joy. By leading brighter, leaders and their teams spark new offerings, experiences, and business models to generate growth and profits, while making a measurable impact on people’s lives.

Alicia has worked with a range of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients, including a multi-billion-dollar healthcare company, a global entertainment company, and one of the world’s largest global retailers As a keynote speaker at the World Business Forum, Chief Strategy Officer Summit, Strategic Planning Innovation Summit, and Women in Strategy Summit, Alicia has shared the principles of her lead brighter approach to help CEOs harness the full power of their platform to elevate performance and improve the quality of people’s lives.

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