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Founder bio

Alicia is the founder and CEO of Tournesol, a leadership consulting firm that partners with CEOs, senior leaders, and their teams in times of significant change. Tournesol’s unique lead brighter approach helps leaders harness the full power of their platform to elevate performance and improve the quality of people’s lives. Through leading brighter,  leaders build a brighter future — one filled with more shared prosperity, equality, connection, discovery, and joy.

Alicia’s clients include CEOs and senior leaders at Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Among others, she’s worked with: the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar healthcare company to use his platform to transform health and healthcare in America, improving the health of millions; the CEO of one of the world’s largest global hospitality companies to address social isolation, bettering the lives of millions of customers while driving business performance; and the President and COO of a global entertainment company to reset the company’s strategy for worldwide growth and impact. Her efforts have resulted in large-scale organizational transformation, sustainable business results, and meaningful social change.

Alicia is the author of The Unfolding Path: A Way to Live and Lead in Our Times, which inspires and guides leaders to do the deep inner work required to step up and lead others to a brighter future.

A compelling, engaging speaker with warmth, candor, and visionary clarity, Alicia was the keynote speaker at the World Business Forum, Chief Strategy Officer Summit, the Strategic Planning Innovation Summit, and the Women in Strategy Summit.

Prior to founding Tournesol, Alicia was a president at SYPartners; strategy executive at Target; head of business transformation for Sensis, an Australian media company; and principal at Destra Consulting Group, an organizational effectiveness consulting firm. She earned her B.A. from Rice, M.Ed. from Harvard, M.B.A. from The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, and Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

She lives just outside of San Francisco, where she hikes, gardens, and shares her life with her daughter and career-changed service dog, Sky.

Speaker videos

Alicia Hare, Ph.D, WOBI NYC, October 2021
(55 minutes)

Alicia Hare, Ph.D, WOBI NYC, October 2021
(3 minutes)

Alicia Hare, Ph.D, WOBI NYC, October 2021
(2.5 minutes)