We believe a leader’s job is
to create a brighter future.

When you choose to lead brighter, you harness your platform — your people, power, influence, and money —  to create a brighter future, one filled with more shared prosperity, equality, connection, discovery, beauty, and joy. A future where we embrace possibility and in which all can thrive.

A diagram showing how leading brighter can advance humanity.

Lead brighter is a fundamentally different approach to leadership that uses a modern mindset and innovative set of tools to shift how leaders use their platforms to make positive change happen. It challenges leaders to ask: am I using my platform to the fullest extent possible?

When you lead brighter, you spark new offerings, experiences, and business models that generate more growth and profits and make a measurable impact on people’s lives for generations to come.

Leaders who lead brighter have created:

A new approach to health and healthcare

With the U.S. healthcare system in crisis, the CEO of a Fortune 50 company chose to use his platform to transform health practices and our healthcare system, spurring new products and services that resulted in record growth and a new standard for healthcare.

A more sustainable future

By leading brighter, the CEO of an upstart retailer shifted consumer behavior and massively reduced waste. They’re now working to develop a portfolio of zero-waste products to attract new customers and increase revenue.

Greater connection

The CEO of one of the world’s largest hospitality companies identified an opportunity to address social isolation, imagining new ways to create greater human connection at every consumer touchpoint. As a result, they  dramatically improved the stock price and positively impacted the lives of millions of customers.

You can make your brighter future real.

In this era of racial injustice, climate change, global pandemic, and political polarization, leaders want to make a difference but don’t know how. Lead brighter gives leaders the tools and inspiration they need to elevate performance and create a brighter future.

Watch our Founder, Alicia Hare Ph.D., share what it means to lead brighter at the World of Business Forum.

Tournesol won our trust. They empowered me, our CEO, and our whole leadership team to set a bold agenda that was more ambitious than we could ever have imagined on our own, and gave us the tools to reach it.”
— Chief Information Officer
Fortune 100 Company
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