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Who are we? A team game

A hallmark of great teams is that members know and connect with each other as real people. It’s through understanding each person’s diverse stories, motivations, and experiences that teams can come together to deliver their greatest impact. This  game helps teams kickstart that get-to-know-you process. 

In this game, each team member will answer unexpected questions about who they are and what makes them tick. By the end, teams will deepen their understanding of one another and be able to work even more effectively to reach their goals.

Check out our Who are we? game and use it at your next team gathering to reconnect with each other and deliver results more joyfully. 

Pro tip: We’ve adjusted this game to make it accessible digitally. However, with our clients, we play the game with a printed card deck.
If you are interested in a card deck for this activity, contact us at hello@tournesolllc.com

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