A brighter future is possible when you reorient how you lead.

When you’re inventing a future that doesn’t exist yet, you have to create your own path to get there. To do that, you’ll need to reorient how you lead.

Lead brighter is a four-step process and proprietary set of tools to help leaders imagine and bring to life a brighter future.

Every step you take along the way will bring you closer to the brighter future you imagine.


Prepare to lead brighter

Connect to your purpose and beliefs to imagine the brighter future you can create, then develop your leadership approach to make it real.  

Ask yourself:

What is the unique contribution I’m best positioned to make to others? 

What will it require of me as a leader as we bring it to life?


Declare the destination

Assemble the right team of leaders and declare the brighter future you’ll create together, then design a future-back plan to get there.

Ask yourself:

Is the brighter future we’ve imagined something our whole team wants?

Are we all-in to make it real?


Empower your people

Inspire and recruit courageous, dedicated people with talent and enthusiasm to join your effort and unleash their shared passion and purpose to make it happen.

Ask yourself:

How will we inspire people to join us?

What unique mindsets, experiences, and skills will be essential for success?


Make your future real

To create the right environment, infrastructure, and culture to do the work, break it down into bold goals — then test, learn, and adjust as you go. As you achieve each one, you’ll generate impact fast and create the momentum to move confidently forward.

Ask yourself:

What actual things need to happen to make our destination a reality?

How will we generate ongoing wins to accelerate momentum?

We’re here to help.

Tournesol supports leaders like you in doing the bold, courageous work of creating a brighter future, from imagining it to making it real.

We needed a partner to help us drive business growth and cultural renewal. Tournesol was that partner, helping us effectively double our business in 18 months. I’m deeply grateful for their support.
— President
Fortune 500 Company
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